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Who we are Sisters Helping Sisters

Sisters Helping Sisters adheres to follow a 3 C’s model – Caring, Consulting and Collaborating to effectively equip fellow sisters with the essential skillsets they will need to thrive within today’s society. We encourage and lead every “sister” along their journey, allowing them to find the right way for them to overcome inner barriers and claim happiness with pride.

Our services include providing mentorship, training, education, and guidance. If you are interested in our services, get started now.

sisters helping sisters

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple – RESTORATION. We want to help all “Sisters” regain their pride, dignity, health, love, self-worth, and anything else they may have lost along the roads of life. We will do this through the pouring of our love, encouragement, support, mentorship, education, sweat, and tears, and in any other way that we can. Sisters Helping Sisters will reach, teach, and serve our sisterhood.

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