Strengthening fellow sisters to take charge of their life

We are an organization dedicated to the empowerment of all female members of the community. Our services include providing mentorship, training, education, and guidance. If you are interested in our services, please reach out to us.


Having a well trained, seasoned, and positive mentor / coach can have a huge impact in our lives. A prime example is assisting young girls in transitioning from adolescence into womanhood; they often face a variety of challenges dealing with emotional, physical, psychological, and oftentimes sexual aspects. According to Dr. Lucia Gilbert of Santa Clara University, “young female students need female mentors that can relate to the diversity women are facing today.”

Our mentorship program is designed to provide a protected space for our clients to connect either through shared experiences or one-on-one. With encouragement, we will teach them patience, build their confidence, and assist them in developing and maintaining a positive mentality. Girls with dreams become women with visions.


We believe that there are many purposes for training. However, the most important purpose for us is to sharpen and broaden the minds. We want them to WANT more out of life. We accomplish this by providing assessments of their current skillsets and then utilizing those skills to build upon. We are providing them with whatever tools (counseling, mentoring, educating) or skillsets they require to achieve their goals.


In regards to education, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s quote sums it all up, “Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.” Sisters Helping Sisters follows this premise. We work with everyone based on where they currently are. We will even provide afterschool homework assistance, if that can get the client to where she needs to be. We provide technical training and proper social media skills. We provide etiquette skills in which they will have the opportunities to practice exercising these skills during our various balls and social events. We do this because we understand that it is not only important to be “book smart” in our day and age; they also need to be socially educated.


The goal of our guidance program is to build positive connections with the sisters, which in turn, will lead to other successes in their lives. Tina Yothers said it best when she stated, “You just have to have the guidance to lead you in the right direction until you can do it yourself.” What better way to prepare our ladies to be independent? Sisters Helping Sisters cares enough to hear each voice of our SISTERS.

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